Making Calls While Driving Accounts For About 93% Of The Causes Of Accidents On The Road. Even If One Escapes The Accident, You Might Not Escape The Huge Fine The Road Officials Would Make You Pay If They Catch You Making Calls While Driving.

Why Would You Want To Risk That When You Can Make Calls Hands Free And Also Listen To Clear Cool Music All While Driving Using The

Wireless Bluetooth Car MP3/FM Transmitter​

You Can Use This To:

  1. Connect Your Phone To Your Car Through Bluetooth And Listen To Cool Jams On Your Car Stereo While You Drive
  2. Answer Calls On Your Phone Handsfree While You Drive (You’ll Be Making Calls On Your Car Speakers)
  3. You Can Insert A Memory Card In The Device And Play Cool Music On Your Car Stereo
  4. Charge Your Phones Through USB
  5. Incase Your Phone Doesn’t Have Bluetooth, You Can Also Play Music From your Phone Through USB 
  6. This Device Is A Must Have In Any Vehicle

Stop Those Boring Long Drive, Turn Every Trip Into A Movie​

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Answer Your Phone Calls Handsfree

With Its Call Echo Cancellation Function, Your Phone Calls Would Be As Clear As Using Your Phone​

Play Music Through Bluetooth, USB Or Memory Card​

You Can Charge Your Devices With It's Fast Powerful Charging Port​

This Device Has So Many Functions

We Also Offer FREE SHIPPING and A 6 Months Warranty. Meaning if there’s any mechanical fault on this Wireless Bluetooth Car MP3/FM Transmitter, you will be refunded 100%.

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